Saint Stephen's Episcopal Church

Waretown, New Jersey


September 18, 2016

This year, we will once again launch our Fall activities with a special event; "Welcome Home Sunday."   On September 18, we will "welcome home" our Sunday School, our choir, and all those who have been away for much of the Summer.   We will be sending special invitations to all our current members and friends of St. Stephen's.  This is an opportunity for us to "welcome home" current members, as well as introduce new folks to our community.   So, please, invite your family, friends and neighbors to join us!

We will begin the day by offering God our praise and thanksgivings.   After we offer our worship to God, there will be some other activities happening on this day:

Sunday School Registration - this will be the first day of this year's Sunday School program.  Parents may register their children beginning at 9:45, just before the first class time begins.  Opportunities to register children for this program will also be offered after the 10:00 liturgy.

Ministry Fair and BBQ - Ministry displays will be in the Parish Hall and tents will be set up outside with hot dogs and hamburgers on the grill.  Games, bouncy room and more! See you there!

"The Sunday Seminar" (Formerly the Adult Forum)  

"Sins and Virtues" Seminar  |  Sundays, at 9:00 in the Parish Library

Cherie Calletta-Martin is facilitating a series of discussions on the topic of  Sins and Virtues. Resources will include various writings by C.S. Lewis and Joseph Berke's Tyranny of Malice.  

This is a great series you don't want to miss.  Bring coffee and a bagel and join us!

Confirmation Classes are conducted in the Spring of every year on Sunday's at 9:00 AM.  Watch the Parish Calendar on the Home Page for the next date.

Holy Communion Classes are conducted each year and usually start in March.  This class is offered to all children whose parents feel that they are ready to learn the customs, traditions, symbolism and spiritual meaning of this Sacrament.  Watch the Parish Calendar on the Home Page for the next date.